About cliqology

cliqology is a source of information and commentary specifically dedicated to how professionals across the entire marketing spectrum can take full advantage of the Social Revolution that is happening on the web today.

The opportunity is huge, according to Forrester, who declared in Q4 of 2008 that Social Media is Mainstream. Here are some of the stats that they complied:

  • 75% of Internet users participate in social media, whereas only 56% participated in 2007.
  • 48% of respondents have read a blog at least once.
  • 69% identified themselves as active “spectators” of blogs, up from 48% the previous year.
  • 37% identified themselves as “critics” that write product reviews, up from 25% the previous year.
  • 19% “collect” Internet content through social bookmarking and RSS feeds, up from 12% the previous year.
  • 21% publish a personal blog or Web page, a minor increase from 18% the previous year.

After seeing these stats, and the continued explosive growth of the Social Web, I think you will agree with this statement: The opportunity is now

Here is my advice; read about the social space, understand as much as you can, get ready to jump in! No matter what you do the water’s wet!