Post image for Presentation at the NY Angels Eductional Series on 9/19

Presentation at the NY Angels Eductional Series on 9/19

by Scott Hoffman on September 12, 2011

My friends Jeff Silverman, Geoff Judge, and I will be presenting on Monday morning at the NY Angels Educational Series on the Online Ad Ecosystem.

Click here to join us.

The event is called: “Online advertising eco-system – who makes money and how” We have been working on the content all summer to create a wonderful environment for those who are new (and more experienced) to the Online Ad Ecosystem to understand how it works, and where to invest time and money. The event will be held at the Microsoft’s Emerging Company Center (Map)

Click here to join us.

Here is a description of the event:

The online advertising eco-system has grown by leaps and bounds, on any metric (revenues, advertisers, placements and many more) since its inception in the 1990’s. The topic we will be exploring is what role do the 100 plus companies in this eco-system play within it. These companies include media buying platforms, ad & data optimization companies , ad exchanges, contextual, behavioral & social targeting companies and so much more. What is the objective of each of these companies? Who makes money and how? This session will spend three hours trying to simplify this online advertising matrix and follow the flow of money, data, and risk from the point where ad inventory is produced by online publishers to its use by online marketers and its ultimate consumption by mobile and online users.

8am to 9:30am First Session

Introduction – Jeffrey Silverman of the NY Angels
Speakers: Scott Hoffman at Cliqology and Geoff Judge, Partner at iNovia Capital
Topic: Provide an overview of the online advertising eco-system
Slides to accompany the discussion with a Q&A session

9:45am to 11:00am Second Session

Moderator: Nick MacShane, Founder and Senior Managing Director at Progress Partners
Brian Kaminsky, Group Publisher of Huffington Post at AOL
Art Muldoon, CEO/Co-Founder of Accordant Media
Albert Azout, CEO of Sociocast
Moritz Loew, Sr. Director of Sales at MSNBC Interactive
Scott Meyer, CEO of Evidon
Jon Greenwood, General Manager of Media Innovation Group

Topic: Roundtable discussion of the online advertising eco-system and what do each of our panel members see occurring in the future.

Big Thanks to all the panelist for participating.

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