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Optimizing the consumer experience isn’t one thing; it’s the only thing

by Scott Hoffman on May 3, 2011

Optimizing the consumer experience isn’t one thing; it’s the only thing.

Using big data is the path toward optimizing the consumer experience. I can envision a day when every digital CMO, has a unified data centric view of every consumer interaction across all internet touch points. The digital CMO will use this unified view of consumers data, the insight into demographics, psycho graphics, and behavior it expose, to inform every interaction a brand can have with a consumer. This process of a unified view of a consumers data requires capturing, analyzing, and proactively acting on data to optimize the consumer experience by delivering relevant and engaging content & offers.

The scenario I described above is not science fiction, it is attainable today – by using big data sets, and big storage, and big processing a power a Digital CMO has the ability to profitably engage consumers, optimizing every interaction with them, and then knowing and proving which campaigns are delivering ROI—and for those that aren’t, being able to rapidly adjust tactics to maximize returns.

The Digital CMO needs to focus on the relationship and interaction they have with customers in all forms of media (although the digital channel is the easiest to measure at this point.)

Marketers must analyze and optimize the entire consumer experience. From the first time a Digital CMO’s ad campaign is launched it should be using data to identify those consumers most likely to identify with the campaign, what message they should within the ad, what the website looks and acts like when the consumer finally does get there. The digital CMO should be able to use use data to intuit which products to put in front of one consumer segment vs. another.

The only way to continually improve the consumer experience is to capture and synthesize information and then act on it. What is the consumer’s interaction with your company? Where does the experience fall short? What are they looking for? Do they have the same quality of interaction whether they are in a store or online? Are their needs being catered to as individuals with unique requirements, interests, and needs? These questions must be answered successfully in order to optimize the consumer experience. CMOs must have visibility and solid data to inform and transform consumer experiences in stores, on mobile phones, through social networks—wherever consumers are. This data, not intuition, must drive how the consumer experience can be improved to meet key business objectives.

Some of the text above comes from a post that Anoop Sahgal wrote in a post called the Data Driven CMO, you should read the rest – he is right on the money.

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