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Amazing Interactive Video Ad for Desperado Beer by Heineken on YouTube

by Scott Hoffman on May 20, 2011

Last night I came across one of the most impressive interactive ads that I have seen. This amazing advertisement is for Desperados Tequila Flavored Beer 2011 International Campaign / Client : Heineken International / Agency : Dufresne-Corrigan-Scarlett. This is worth spending a minute with, you will be amazed. The video can’t be embedded but just click here (or on the picture below)

Click on picture above or this link to see the advertisement in full (21 and over!)

The video starts with a screen than has a closed door and prompts the user to enter their date of birth, location, and gender preference. After the user submits you are invited into a small house party, with all the revelers drinking Desperados. After a few seconds a sound in the background gets really loud and you are asked to turn down the volume on the music in the house party. The background sound is coming from the wall, and when you go over to investigate the the wall cracks to reveal a hole into a much bigger party next door. Using your mouse you break down the rest of the wall, which also breaks the rest of the YouTube screen. You and your friends from the house party jump into the bigger party…and the fun ensues.

This comes of the heals of another break thru advertisement for Dreamwork’s Kung Fu Panda 2. The video starts with Jack Black, who voices the movie’s main character, Po. Black attempts to give his “Skadoosh” reading just the right energy. Then, 27 seconds in, there’s a prompt to “Click for Epicness.” Doing so leads to a video of Po grabbing video stills from the side of the page and then skadooshing them, which cracks the YouTube page. A video of Black then appears on the side column. “Hey, YouTuber, what’s up? Drag something over to Po.” When you do that, Po gives it another violent skadoosh.

Late last year, Tippex, also created a video ad that could be considered the forefather of these types of YouTube ads.

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