Social Media Metrics

12 metrics used for measuring social media marketing impact

by Scott Hoffman on May 27, 2011

Marketers are measuring traditional metrics like website traffic and search engine rankings, as well as metrics that are specific to social media, such as fans and followers. The key is monitoring and tracking the metrics that will have the most impact on achieving your social marketing objectives.

This interesting chart reveals the 12 metrics used for measuring social media marketing impact. From the Marketing Sherpa, they asked more than 3,300 marketers:

“Which of the following does your organization monitor or track to quantify the impact of social marketing?”

Not all metrics are created equal. Some are much more difficult to monitor and measure. Tracking these metrics requires reporting features not always found in free or basic monitoring solutions. Larger organizations are more likely to use the full-featured, enterprise-level solutions necessary to track difficult metrics like downstream fans and followers, share of conversation, etc.

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