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Online Advertising is Bigger than Newspaper Ad Spending

by Scott Hoffman on April 27, 2011

It’s Official; Online Advertising is Bigger than Newspaper Ad Spending. In 2010, $26.4 billion was spent on Internet media, $22.8 billion in newspapers. This “tipping point” was forecast by eMarketer back in December and confirmed by The 2010 IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report (created in conjunction with PwC) released last week.

Last night I was reading “Ad-dependent TV Under Fire” on the Media Post site written by Diane Mermigas, and after projecting that Online Spending will surpass that of Television Spending in short order she goes on to write:

A closer look at the IAB’s new report shows that Internet ad revenues are driven by retail, telecom, financial services and autos, which have been TV advertising mainstays. They are clearly attracted to the more justifiable performance metrics and measurable ROI. Not too many years from now, many marketers will be wondering how they ever were suckered into slapping their money into the TV networks’ critical mass in hopes that something sticks.

That made me smile…

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