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The Best Halloween Apps for your iPhone and iPad

by Scott Hoffman on October 2, 2010

I love Halloween and I love my iPhone and my iPad – so I asked myself the question why can two great tastes, taste great together. What I found is YES, the iPhone & iPad and Halloween are perfect for each other. Here are the Best Halloween Apps for your iPhone and iPad during this Scary Halloween Season.


Google Maps Google Maps – iPhone or iPad (Recommended with iPhone or iPad with 3G)- by Google(link to apple store) Pre-Installed – Plan your trick or treating route for maximum candy collection. This works great if you’re in an unfamiliar neighborhood looking for safe routes with not too much traffic. With iPhone, you can pinpoint your location on a map so you can figure out how to get there from where you are. iPhone 4 finds your location quickly and accurately using a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular towers.

Offender SOS (Sex Offenders Search) – iPhone or iPad – by LogSat Software, LLC (link to apple store) $3.99 – This year when your out with your children trick or treating, make sure that every door that you knock on is safe. Our world can be a dangerous place. SOS (Sex Offenders Search) for the iPhone helps you locating registered sex offenders and sexual predators in your neighborhood, (around your children’s schools, friends, parks and campgrounds) and will help keep your candy gathering route a safe one. (I was concerned that this would set the wrong tone for the post, but this issue/app is too important to bury at the end of the list…now on to the fun)


iLuminationiLumination, iPad or iPhone (Best on iPhone4) – by Erick Storli: $FREE (link to apple store) Why buy an expensive flashlight when your iDevice can help you see in the dark? With a simple and easy-to-use design, iLlumination is a universal flashlight application that’ll solve all of your “illumination” needs. Instead of owning different flashlight applications for each device you have, why not just go the simple way and use this inexpensive universal application with all the features you need?

GlowstickiGlowStick, iPad or iPhone – by spielwek: $FREE (link to apple store) A great light up app that is sure to help you out as you go trick or treating. Users simply pick from 6 different creepy colors and then shake the iPhone to light your path.

Crazy PumpkinCrazy Pumpkin Lite, iPad or iPhone – by Ezone: $FREE (link to apple Store) This app is a digital Jack-o-lantern, a scary sound effect machine and a multi-colored flashlight. Use your finger swipes to change eyes, nose and mouth until you design your perfect Jack-o-lantern with over 1000 carvable design combinations.

Carve ItCarve It!, iPad or iPhone – by ABCya: $.99 (link to apple Store) Carve It! is a Halloween pumpkin carving app for young children ages 3+, Carve a pumpkin with your finger and then light up the candle inside!, Save your pumpkins, Share your pumpkins with email – perfect for the little ones.


Camera ObscuraCamera Obscura, iPhone – Unwise Studios: $.99 (link to apple store) Camera Obscura is a great app when it comes to startle your friends.
You can secretively edit your photos on the go, superimposing the most frightening collection of ghostly images and apparitions right on the pictures that you took of your friends.


Mouth OffMouth Off (Halloween Edition), iPhone – by usTwo $1.99 (link to Apple Store) – This app is THE costume. Hold your iPhone in front of your mouth and talk, shout, laugh, or SCREAM to get your on-screen mouth to animate in time with the sounds you make. This version includes 4 scary mouths – Mummy, Dracula, Pumpkin, and Witch. Check out this quick video:

CostumesHalloween Costume Generator, iPad or iPhone – by Synthetic Bits $1.99 (link to Apple Store) – Over two hundred costume ideas, and not just standard suggestions like “go as a witch.” Classics like mummy and ghost, but also have a bunch of great characters that you may have never considered for Halloween. Descriptions including all the items you’ll need, how to best make the costume work, and advice/commentary that you don’t want to miss. Also includes a theme song for each costume, with a link to iTunes to purchase.

Scary Sounds

SoundsIsoundlike Halloween Edition, iPad or iPhone – by FunMobility $.99 (link to apple store) – A frightening collection of Halloween sound effects. Tap the screen and trigger one of 16 spooky sounds. Unique shake and jolt motions also allow you to trigger random Halloween sound effects.

That’s the round-up of the apps that I will be using this Halloween. Enjoy and Muh Ha Ha Ha Ha (evil laugh!)

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  1. Mr Costumes

    The genius of the MouthOff apps is mind-blowing…wish we had thought of that! The iSoundboard Halloween app is also a wicked fun spooky sounds playground.

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