Google’s “Watch This Space” Campaign Promoting Display Advertising is Brilliant

by Scott Hoffman on October 7, 2010

Hats off to the Creative Lab team at Google. They are responsible for Google’s “Watch This Space” campaign promoting Display Advertising. The aim of the campaign is to make display advertising more accessible and inclusive. I must say, it is brilliant.

Watch and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Google’s “Watch This Space” Campaign Promoting Display Advertising is Brilliant”

  1. Perianne

    But is GOOG missing the mark about promoting display media? The campaign is nice, and has some good eye-candy, but the point they missed is that great advertising establishes an emotional connection to the view-ser (as well as a rational one). I think that they could have lifted their effort up a notch and pointed to a path of expression and not just spaces.

  2. scotthoffman

    Perianne, agree with your rationale that they may have been able to execute this in a manner that incorporates the emotional connection that a display banner can create, but the real reason that I think that this campaign is great is that with the weight of Google behind it it brings focus back on the display space. If the king of search thinks Display is important, than Marketers will start (again) to pay attention, like in the mid 90’s and early ’00’s. IMHO, Display has become the “bastard step child” and has been commoditized recently.

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