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HP Study confirms that Influencers are ideal target for media buys

by Scott Hoffman on August 10, 2010

Advertising agencies should be concentrating on targeting influential users instead of buying “numbers” when placing ad buys. This is one of the assertions of a new study from Dr. Bernardo Huberman, director of HP Labs’ Social Computing Lab, and his team.

The latest study is on what makes a Tweet or a Twitter user influential. 22 million+ tweets were analyzed and it led to the creation of the IP Algorithm, which measures the influence and passivity of Twitter users.

The study found:

  • Most Twitter users are passive, they do not re-Tweet.
  • There is a difference between popularity and influence. High numbers of followers does not equal influence because those followers do not re-Tweet.
  • To become influential, Twitter users must somehow persuade their followers to re-Tweet.

To measure influence, the study looked at how much traffic a Tweeted URL received, using the shortening service, which also tracks clicks.

A big thanks to my friend Greg Wind, who pointed out the study in response to yesterdays post “Research; Connections between Consumers is Key to Product Marketing, Influential connections most prized” and Tom Foremski who originally wrote up the report on behalf of ZDNet – here

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