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The Internet of Things

by Scott Hoffman on April 19, 2010

This video explains how “things” (objects like a water valve or a thermometer) and not just people are creating massive amounts of data. The data of these things can now be gathered and used to build collective knowledge. The video is well done and very thought provoking. Enjoy.

Over the past century but accelerating over the past couple of decades, we have seen the emergence of a kind of global data field. The planet itself – natural systems, human systems, physical objects – have always generated an enormous amount of data, but we didnt used to be able to hear it, to see it, to capture it. Now we can because all of this stuff is now instrumented. And its all interconnected, so now we can actually have access to it. So, in effect, the planet has grown a central nervous system.

Hat tip to the team at A Smarter Planet

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