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Twitter users are 4x more likely to share content than Facebook users

by Scott Hoffman on February 22, 2010

Last week TechCrunch posted some data that stated Facebook Drives 44 Percent Of Social Sharing On The Web. I didn’t think that this was the only way to look at Social Sharing data. I wanted to see if the people on Twitter shared as much, or more, than Facebook users. So I did a data mash-up, combining the Gigya statistics that had been the basis of TechCrunch post, with Compete‘s unique U.S. users for Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and MySpace (the four sharing platforms compared in the TechCrunch post). What I discovered is that Web users are 4x more likely to share content on Twitter then on Facebook. Web users are about 7x more likely to share content on Twitter then on Yahoo or MySpace.



I wanted to see if this behavior statistics held up in the real world, so I looked at some examples:

Here are the shares on the TechCrunch post that started my research:

Facebook shares = 362, Twitter shares = 1,349 or 3.7x bigger than Facebook

What about mainstream stories? Would the statistic hold true on a non-tech story?
Here is a story on Huffington Post about last nights US victory over Team Canada in Olympic Hockey.

Facebook shares = 86, Twitter shares = 279 or 3.2x bigger than Facebook

Update: Some people have said the the Huffington Post audience is too tech savvy for a true real life example and that the results would skew towards Twitter – so I looked at this example from, “Starting Over: Can Obama Revive His Agenda?

Facebook shares = 3, Twitter shares = 86 or 28.7x bigger than Facebook – this is an extreme example, but most follow the 4x more shares on Twitter than Facebook; a few more examples here, here, and here.

The big lesson, especially if you are a content creator is to allow users to easily share content on social platforms, putting heavy emphasis on Twitter and Facebook.

As always, please let me know if you think that I have incorrectly mashed-up the data.

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  • sam rosen

    fantastic. would you prefer if I shared this article with my friends on facebook or twitter? :)

  • scotthoffman

    Thanks Sam! Share any way that your want, although I have 4:1 odds you'll share it on Twitter

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