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Toyota uses Social Media to answer Consumers Questions

by Scott Hoffman on February 5, 2010

With the recent controversy surrounding the Toyota vehicle recall, Jim Lentz, President and Chief Operating Officer of Toyota Motor Sales, USA, will answer questions from the public online. He is using the engine to let users vote up those questions that they feel are most important. This is a great example of how big companies can use social media to respond to a business crisis.

Here is the invitation that I got in my email:

To participate in the conversation go here to post your question

I don’t know if this (or any other media execution) will fix the image problem that Toyota has garnered over the last few weeks. But I do believe that it will certainly help assuage some current and future clients that Toyota is willing to have an open dialog about it’s company, it’s policies, and it’s products.

For a really cool view of the Toyota activity on Digg take a look at Digg’s data visualization program called Swarm.

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