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The status update just became a little more important

by Scott Hoffman on February 8, 2010

Today seems to be my Google day; this morning I wrote a post about the Search Story ads from Google and followed by another covering the results of a Superbowl spot that aired for Google last night. Let’s go for the triple play; three Google stories in a row, and this last one strike even closer to home for me.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the popular webmail service, GMail, will soon launch a new feature for sharing content and status updates with friends. Here is a more detailed write up on Mashable. As of July of 2009, Google had 146 million monthly users, if all those users began posting updates, it would create a wealth of personal and real time messages which in essence become the digital personalities of the people that author them.

This brings status updates into the center of the social media universe. I personally think that status updates are the most revolutionary form of expression, and it is a behavior that will continue to blossom. I have written about it here and here, and I recently presented at the Engage 2010 conference on the subject.

It is still to be seen if the Status update functionality will work well on GMail. I suspect that the public at large is ready for the idea, based on the successes of Twitter, which functionality is exclusively the status update and the Facebook status update which is one of it’s most popular features with over 45 million updates being published a day.

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