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Google Buzz has better user identification than Twitter

by Scott Hoffman on February 23, 2010

There is something that Google Buzz has that Twitter doesn’t. Better identification of the users. Buzz participants will have a greater chance of finding who the actual identity of the person behind an account is versus a bogus profile. This is because Google Buzz is “tied” in with Google Profiles, which allows for the capture of identifiable meta-data about a person. Check out my Google Profile to see an example of the type of information that Google collects.

There are now nearly 75 million people around the world who visited Twitter in the last month. In the US 75% of internet users between 18 and 24 who have access to the internet use social networking sites. And over the past four years, across all adult age-groups, their use has quadrupled.

Unfortunately, by and large, their Twitter profiles tell us little about people’s real-life personalities. This leads to confusion about who the real people are behind the accounts. (Although what they post in their Status Updates are the windows to their Soul)

Google, in my opinion, has taken some of the micro-blogging or “status updating” tactics of Twitter (which have proved hugely popular) and mashed them up with the “identity” meta data, that Twitter largely ignores. While Google Buzz is not without it problems (see below) but fueled by it’s identification data it will become a platform that will allow for:

  • Authentic conversations between Authentic People
  • Limiting Spam (a problem that has plagued Twitter)
  • The ability to extend new REAL people connections beyond the network

I do think that this will be a “real” advantage for Google Buzz moving forward. Now Google, please go and work on the User Interface issues (as Allen Stern over at Center Networks pointed out so elegantly last night) and the Privacy Issues (documented by Robin Wauters over at TechCrunch.)

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  1. scotthoffman

    Thanks for the comment – your story got me thinking about the positive attributes of Google Buzz – and what they might accomplish once they get their UI issues sorted out.

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