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Cool Data Visualization presentation at Engage 2010

by Scott Hoffman on February 4, 2010

Yesterday, the highlight of my day was a presentation by Ben Cerveny, strategic and conceptual advisor to Stamen Design. His presentation was about data visualization, which I have written about before. Ben showed off some of Stamen’s projects.

The project that blew me away was the real-time data visualization of the popular site Digg. The project is called Swarm. The visualization depicts when stories are submitted to Digg, when they are voted on, and by how many people. To add a whole different layer, the visualization also shows how the relationships between stories if a single user votes on more than one submitted story. The effect is a gorgeous view of Digg data in real time.

To truly enjoy the effect you should visit or you can watch this video of the “swarm” on an Apple iPhone story below:

I was not the only one impressed, Steve Baker, author of the Blog “the Numerati” was also impressed, you can read his write-up here

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