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What do our Kids think of Banner ads on Social Media?

by Scott Hoffman on January 27, 2010

I received an eMail from a friend of mine that I respect and admire. The contest of that note described a conversation he had with his children about our industry, the Marketing and Advertising industry. It contained some deep knowledge that I wanted to share. He asked me to keep his identity anonymous. Here is is his note:

Last night at the dinner table we were talking about our day. I had mentioned to my daughters (ages 16 and 13) that I had met with an ad agency talking about things like Facebook. I decided to ask them a question, a very small focus group if you will.

I asked my daughters…”you know those ads on the side of a Facebook page? Do you ever click on them?” My younger daughter, who recently joined FB maybe two months ago, said ..”I actually once clicked on an ad”. My older daughter who is a true FB veteran said… “Are you kidding me? That’s sick”. My younger daughter sheepishly said…”I only did it once!!”.

I then asked my older daughter, why she reacted in this way. I said..” what do you think happens when you click on an ad on FB?”

Her response was “1) Causes virus 2) OMG you actually click on them? 3) Total scam if you click on it.”

This is how our kids see (or don’t see) banner advertising on Social Media, and most likely the web in general. Young people are very astute, and untempered in their opinion sharing. In fact, the types of ads that run on a variety of Social Networks feel less than reputable, and are very Direct Response focused.

Many Thanks to my friend big “A” for letting me share this story.

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