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Using Virtual Goods for Social Media Marketing – The Podcast

by Scott Hoffman on January 20, 2010

On this episode we explored the world of Virtual Goods and how they can be used effectively for marketing purposes.

Listen here as Paul Martecchini of Adnectar, one of the leading companies in the space of Virtual Goods shares his expertise.

Some of us are already aware that More and more brands are using branded-virtual gifts to extend their reach and bring the brand experience into social networks in a way that consumers find fun and engaging. Virtual goods are non-physical objects that are purchased for use in online communities or online games. They have no intrinsic value and, by definition, are intangible. Virtual goods include such things as digital gifts and digital clothing for avatars.

Join us as we speak with Paul Martecchini of Adnectar and learn more about virtual goods, understanding the psychology from a users perspective and from a marketers perspective.

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