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75 Million Internet Users Now Post Status Updates Once per Week

by Scott Hoffman on January 20, 2010

I am fascinated by the “status update” behavior. I believe status updates are revealing real time glimpses into the psyche of an individual. I have written about how status updates will be harnessed to allow meaningful, relevant, and timely content to come to directly to user.

By all indications the status update behavior is growing rapidly. Yesterday Josh Bernoff at Forrester released a great new report “Social Technographics: Conversationalists get onto the ladder” which lays out in a clear graph form what activities US internet users are engaged in (see chart below.) 33% of all internet users are displaying the “Conversationalist” activity, which Forrester defines as ‘Update Status on a Social Network Site” and/or “Post update on Twitter.”

That means that 75+MM U.S. Internet Users are posting status updates at least once per week. When the Forrester research is paired with U.S. Internet Usage Statistics, 227.7MM Internet users as of August/09, or 74.1% of the population, according to Nielsen Online,

How big is 75+MM?
I like to relate things to the biggest offering on TV, the Superbowl. It is estimated that 93.2 million people viewed last year’s Super Bowl, which means that every week, close to as many people who watch the Superbowl are engaging in conversationalist activities online. I expect that we will only see this behavior grow in the coming months and years.

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