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Google’s Real Time Search Roll Out and it’s effect on Marketing

by Scott Hoffman on December 10, 2009

As I have written about in the past, Real Time search will have a significant impact on marketing. Now that Google has officially launched their Real Time Search capability the effect on current marketing practices is imminent. First let’s take a look at a video that Google just posted on YouTube that shows their implementation of Real Time Search (Google has been rolling out the feature slowly, and some readers may not be able to see the real time search results yet.)

I think that there are three primary categories that will be effected;

    Products with time sensitive brand life-cycle
    Merchants that sell perishable products
    Transactional sites where price & inventory volatility are the norm.

I have written extensively about how and why these types of marketers will be effected. I have even included some illustrative examples here.

For even more on what Real Time Search will mean to marketing, Listen to these interviews with the CEO’s of leading independent Real Time Search and Discovery firms; Gerry Campbell from Collecta, Will Hunsinger from Evri, and Thoora‘s Mike Lee.

Please join the conversation, share your thoughts on how Real Time Search will impact your Search Marketing plans.

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