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In defense of advertising

by Scott Hoffman on November 10, 2009

For the past few days I have been down about the advertising and marketing industry. Everywhere I looked marketing and advertising practices were coming under fire. There was the Zynga / Offerpal coverage, a very commercial showing at AdTech NY (and on Cliqology), and my own expose on How and Why Twitter Spam works.

To give myself a lift, I re read a few chapters from “In Defense of Advertising, Arguments From Reason, Ethical Egoism, and Laissez-Faire Capitalism” by Jerry Kirkpatrick and I felt better. (Although I paid $20 or so dollars back in the day to get this book in hardcover, it is now available for free on Google Books.)

Jerry explains the role of advertising in a logical, reasonable and intelligent manner. This book should be required reading in every advertising professional. Every advertising professional is required, at some point, to come out in defense of his or her activity – even within each one’s confines of family or circle of friends – or to oneself – and this book In Defense of Advertising provides us with all the thoughts we need. Well written and an easy read.

Google Books currently has “In Defense” available for free, so if you have been feeling like I do (down on advertising) read this, and maybe, just maybe, you will feel better about yourself.

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