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Brand names mentioned 5 million times a day on Twitter, WOW!

by Scott Hoffman on November 12, 2009

If you didn’t think that Twitter was having an impact on marketing and advertising, think about this:

According to a new service called GigaTweet, (created by popacular) there are over 25 million tweets a day on Twitter (Charts Below). Pair those volume figures with research from Penn State which found that a full twenty percent of tweets mention specific brand names or products. Out of half a million tweets examined during the study, one fifth were essentially free brand advertising.

That means that each and every day 5 Million brand mentions happen on Twitter, 150 Million brand mentions per month.

And it doesn’t stop there. Performics reports that Twitter may be a valuable place to get a brand mentioned if you want social networkers’ attention, according to MediaPost. Nearly half (48%) of those who saw a brand mentioned on Twitter did continued research on that brand.

Update – From a post on Techcrunch – “Tweets are now averaging 27.3 million a day, according to data provided to us by Pingdom.”

Tweets Per Day

Source: GigaTweet 11.12.09

All I can say is wow!

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