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Best Social Media Posts for week ending Nov 22nd, 2009

by Scott Hoffman on November 22, 2009

The following are some of the best posts on Social Media for the week ending November 22nd, 2009:

What Twitter’s New Geolocation Makes Possible – from Read Write Web
Excerpt: Twitter turned on its long-awaited Geolocation API today, meaning that users can opt-in to having their messages annotated with their exact locations. The significance of this is made clear by comparing it with last week’s release of 500 million time-stamped Twitter messages for analysis.

Facebook Encouraging Users to Spread Fan Badges for Pages Across the Web – from Sharlyn Lauby (on Inside Facebook)
Excerpt: A few weeks ago, Facebook launched a new “widgets center” for businesses and users to create Facebook widgets for their websites or blogs. Originally in the widgets center were the Profile Badge, Photo Badge, Fan Box, Live Stream Box, and Page Badge. Now, Facebook is promoting a Fan Badge widget both in the widget center and on Pages that users are a fan of.

The Next Big Trend? It’s All About Curation – From Steve Rubel
Excerpt: Fact: Information sources are exploding. More information will be created in 2009 than all prior years. Fact: Attention is finite. We’re becoming media agnostic, but when we’re interested in something we dig down into our interests. This is why I and others like Robert Scoble are really excited about digital curation.

Ad noise can drown brand loyalty, says CMO Council study – By DMNews
Excerpt: Marketers often cite cutting through the clutter as the goal of a new campaign — but how many of those messages are perceived as clutter themselves by consumers? According to a poll from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and InfoPrint Solutions Company, 41% of consumers say they would consider ending a brand relationship due to irrelevant promotions, and another 22% say they would definitely defect from the brand for that reason.

How Big Brands Use Social Media – Andy Sernovitz

Excerpt: Andy provides 6 case studies were filled with great ideas, from:

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