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Best Social Media Posts for week ending Nov 15th 2009

by Scott Hoffman on November 15, 2009

The following are some of the best posts on Social Media for the week ending November 15th, 2009:

What’s Apple Doing With A Patent For Non-Skippable Ads? (AAPL) – from Silicon Allet Insider
Excerpt: Apple has a patent for a technology that forces you to watch ads, reports Randall Stross at the New York Times. So, what the heck might Apple be doing with this? According to the patent filing, it would allow Apple to offer up hardware for free that would be ad supported. Is this the first sign of an Apple advertising property?

7 Ways to Get More Out of LinkedIn – from Sharlyn Lauby (on Mashable)
Excerpt: LinkedIn, which recently reached the 50 million user milestone, has long been considered the social networking site for professionals. If you’re in business, it is basically expected that you have a profile there. While LinkedIn is certainly not as dynamic as other social media sites, it still provides a lot of value — if you use it correctly. So whether you’re new to LinkedIn or a veteran, here are 7 of the things you should consider incorporating into your LinkedIn strategy.

All Aboard The Micro-Message Bus – From Erick Schonfeld at TechCrunch (MediaPost)
Excerpt: Public micro-messages are now everywhere—on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Google, Bing, Yahoo, AIM. They are infiltrating every part of the Web, particularly as the backbone of realtime search. Yes, status updates (which are a form of micro-message) existed before Twitter, but it is the growing public nature of these messages which makes them exciting.

Your Social Media Content Must Be Valuable – By Liana Evans, Search Engine Watch
Excerpt: The people who read your blog, engage with you on a forum or message board, watch your video, or look at photos in your photo group on Flickr are the people who deem whether that content is valuable to them. You can possibly influence their decision; however, you can’t make that decision for them.

Why Google’s Acquisition of AdMob Isn’t Just About Advertising. – Ian Schafer
Excerpt: What many might be missing could be the biggest reason Google bought AdMob: the data. With the acquisition of AdMob, Google now has access to usage data of many of the most popular mobile apps — especially the apps in the iTunes App Store. Google will know more details than ever about how people are using iPhone apps, how they are engaging with advertising within those apps, and users loyalty to those apps.

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