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Best Social Media Post for week ending Nov 8th 2009

by Scott Hoffman on November 8, 2009

The following are some of the best posts on Social Media for the week ending November 8th, 2009:

Media Watch: Twitter Beats Cable in Politics? – from Three Minds
Excerpt: In a piece by Michael Calderone & Daniel Libit on, an argument is made that for this year’s election cycle, cable and broadcast news had been usurped by (gasp) Twitter streams of influential political pros. And there’s a major insight in this for any company looking to broaden its influence within its particular industry.

How I Tweet – from Guy Kawasaki (on OpenForum)
Way back in July of 2009, I explained how I used Twitter. Lots has changed since then, so this is an update to explain how I tweet. As a small business owner, you can adopt my techniques to use Twitter as a marketing tool.

The unclicking 84% – From Seth Godin & Jack Loechner (MediaPost)
Basically, all of the clicks for all the ads online come from only 16% of the surfers, and most of them come from just 4% of all internet users. So, if you optimize your ads for clicks, it means you’re ignoring a huge population. This MediaPost article and the subsequent post from Seth explain this concept in depth.

How Brands can use Twitter Lists – By Social Studies Blog
By now, if you’re a Twitter user, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Twitter’s new list functionality. This post contains some ways your brand can use Twitter’s new on-site functionality.

6 Blog Add-Ons That Spur Social Media Activity – Social Media Examiner
Got a blog? Are you on Facebook or Twitter? How about your readers—are they using social networks? Want to make it easy for readers to share your great content with their tribes? This blog post recommends six social media add-ons you can effortlessly integrate into your blog today.

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