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Battle of the ads, Norton vs. BitDefender

by Scott Hoffman on November 10, 2009

We all have lived through the ad wars between Coke and PepsiAT&T and Verizon, and Nike and Reebok, but new war has come to our shores. This new war will be fought between BitDefender and Symantic/Norton. These commercials make anti-virus software fun by using food (chicken or candy.)

This war is going to get ugly (or cute.) Watch these commercials and vote for your favorite on the bottom!

Norton compares a computer virus attacking your hard drive to the metal band Dokken unleashing their wrath on a chicken.

BitDefender plays a very cute Halloween trick on children. Hmmmm. What tastes better… candy or anti virus software?

31 thoughts on “Battle of the ads, Norton vs. BitDefender”

  1. bd

    Norton is better million times than BitDefender.

    BD is a stupid AV program. Our boss pays reviews in order to have great stars.

    I am a BD employee 😉

  2. zown

    BitDefender is lighter, consumes very little and a lot less than Norton.

    The interface is more intuitive and the support is free!

    I have no doubt: I'm staying with BitDefender.

  3. De la Parter

    I've checked the English dictionary and “lieyng” doesn't exist.
    Don't talk engrish. Romana nu-ti mai place?

    Ontopic: BitDefender rules, Norton drools, yellow is for kids.

    As you might have guessed, I'm also a BitDefender Employee, but I've yet to discover the ways of “lieyng”.

  4. Laurentiu

    My vote goes to BitDefender because I have it for a long time and I am a fan of this antivirus program.

  5. Beau Roberts

    Everybody will have their own opinion on which video is better. They are very different and both are funny in their own way. The interesting aspect for me (full disclosure I work for BitDefender) is that Symantec’s video obviously cost tens of thousands of dollars between the celebrity fees and production. The BitDefender video was not even a budgeted activity and was put together by an employee on his own with an inexpensive video camera and free video editing software. Definitely not as polished as the Symantec video. But it certainly makes the point that you don’t necessarily need a lot of money to create interesting content for the web.

  6. Subspace

    Subspace communications suggest that you are all ‘RONG 🙂 Don’t install either on your PC.

    On topic: Norton campaign: aggressive chicken, with knife, is a big NOT on US tv. I do not see, or sense, safety after watching the ad. And rock bands are not evil, come on, bad choice of villain there.

    BD campaign: aggressive message from the start, although not that “awesome” 🙂 Filmed like Blair Witch, but with kids in a happy neighborhood. The message is hard to get, looks more like a product handout day, not like a celebration of Halloween. The kids are, well, are NOT having any clue about what was going on. That’s the funny part.
    Anyway, BD should be more present on the web, its ads are few, they are not spread over the internet, no virals yet, which makes me think that the marketing department over there should work harder.

  7. Chris

    :)) You are the best and you are right man ! The truth is that BD is cheaper, easier to use and more friendly to the user. Also the viruses are detected quicker so.. I keep my BD installed. Cius !

  8. scotthoffman

    Beau, thanks for your comments. I thought that BOTH companies have some great creative. It’s not easy to make anti-virus fun.

    Your very valid point “you don’t necessarily need a lot of money to create interesting content for the web” is very true. It must make traditional advertising agencies fearful, as making big budget commercials has been a cornerstone of their storied past.

  9. Diane

    I totally vote for BitDefender. Not only because I’m a very satisfied user of Bit Defender, but also because I find the commercial way more powerful. The message had more impact due to the fact that they’ve created a very innocent, friendly and joyful atmosphere in this commercial.

  10. Anonymous

    let the guy alone… he can’t type in romanian… left his finger downtown… dorobanti str 🙂

    anyway… i love BD… and it rocks…
    Norton is only… available


  11. scotthoffman

    To all the people who have posted comments, Thanks! The comments are an example of how the practice of building a brand is changing in today’s Social Media enabled world. We all can participate in conversations about a Brand in Real Time.

    Go Norton, Go BitDefender – BOTH companies have great creative. It’s not easy to make anti-virus fun!

  12. Anonymous

    seriously…opinions on the software aside…i can’t believe that anyone would vote for that bitdefender ad…it is so amateur and the graphics are horrible…the kids look scared…this poll seems a bit rigged!

  13. Anonymous

    feelings about the software aside….as far as the ads go, i don’t see who would vote for bd…the ad seems really amateur, the graphics and music are horrible, the kids look scared…what exactly is the message?

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