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What the heck is real time search? special guest Mike Lee, CEO Thoora on Outloud

by Scott Hoffman on October 29, 2009

We will explore the opportunity created by the rapid pace and huge volume of information created by real-time Web technologies and practices in finding relevant information. One vanguard approach, known as real-time search, is the concept of searching for and finding information online as it is produced. Advancements in web search technology coupled with growing use of social media enable online activities to be queried as they occur. A traditional web search crawls and indexes web pages periodically, returning results based on relevance to the search query.

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ThooraThoora is a new and unique service that helps people discover the news attracting the most attention within social and traditional media. In real-time, Thoora identifies the most interesting stories by exploring the entire blogosphere, Twitter and nearly 5,000 traditional media sources to determine the stories attracting the most blog posts, comments, tweets, and news coverage.

Michael Lee is Chief Strategy Officer for Rogers Communications Inc. and CEO of Thoora. Mike is responsible for strategy development, business development, and strategic partner management for the Rogers Communications’ group of companies, which include Rogers Cable, Rogers Wireless, Rogers Media and Rogers New Ventures.

This is a must listen for anyone who is doing SEO, SEM today

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