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I thought I was the only one who slept with my Mobile Phone

by Scott Hoffman on October 23, 2009

My wife calls my iPhone my “mistress,” because I sleep with my iPhone. I use the phone to listen to Podcast at night (my favorite is Buzz out Loud from CNet) and I use the alarm to wake me in the morning (this week set to play Pick up the Pieces by Average White Band.)

I began to question myself, maybe she was right.

But I am not alone, new research released by Synovate, the market research arm of Aegis, reveals that 82% of Americans never leave home without their phones, and 36% of people across the world (42% of Americans) say they ‘cannot live without’ their cell phone.

Putting aside the almost ubiquitous calling and SMS functions, the three features most used on a regular basis are:

1. Alarm clock – 67% globally use this regularly / 56% of Americans (VINDICATION!)
2. Camera – 62% globally / 68% of Americans
3. Games – 33% globally / 31% of Americans

Earlier this week Mary Meeker shared her annual overview of Internet trends at the Web 2.0 Summit. She sited huge potential growth for the mobile business.


No wonder, a clear majority of people constantly carry a mobile phone. Uses for the phone continue to expand beyond “voice calls” making them essential parts of our lives. Phones are quickly becoming on of the most ubiquitous accessory in our (dare I say) wardrobe, approaching the importance of clothing.

Do we feel naked with our phones? As funny as that may sound, we do. Check out this answer from The Experience Project‘s question “Why do some people feel naked without our phones?”


Mobile phones mandatory, clothing optional?

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