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3 immediate marketing opportunities from Twitter search deals

by Scott Hoffman on October 22, 2009

Yesterday Twitter announced separate but similar deals with search giants Google and Microsoft. The deals blend the real time microblogs into their search results. The instant & real time communications, in the form of “Tweets”, that a small percentage of the web audience has become accustomed to, will now be shared an overwhelming majority of the internet users.

Twitter, and the Real Time web is set to gain in importance for all Marketers; but these three types of marketers stand to see the most immediate impact:

Products with time sensitive brand life-cycle.

We have already begun to read articles about how Twitter can make or break a movie. Instant 140 character bad reviews can tank a movie, while praise can lift box-office receipts. With distribution of these micro-blogging comments about the quality of a movie now shared in real time to a massively larger and real time audience, there is real opportunity (and peril). This new Real Time reality of instantaneous product praise/criticism will be applicable to any product that has a limited life-cycle. For instance album releases, video game launches, fashion products, books, etc.

Merchants that sell perishable products.

Twitter distribution in search will have big impact on travel products, like airline fares and hotel rooms, and tickets to live events which are perishable. Once a flight leaves the ground, once U2 closes finishes its last set, those seats not sold will never be sold. Twitter results featured in search engine results pages will allow brands with perishable goods to potentially tweet their latest deals, last minute price reductions, etc and let the search engines do the rest.

Transactional sites where price & inventory volatility are the norm.

Auction services like eBay have always had real time pricing & inventory, that fluctuates based on a live marketplace. The inclusion of Tweets into search is going to fundamentally change with the way that these auctions can be marketed. Search for a product and get a real time cost/bid/quote. This event may be the impetus for more traditional retailers, like Best Buy and Amazon to introduce real time pricing (and inventory status.) All products segments that have volatility in pricing and inventory will be challenged with new marketing opportunity.

The possibilities of marketing through Twitter, and it’s new found increased distribution are going to fundamentally change. Interesting times ahead!

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