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Social Media Marketing is like Planting a Garden

by Scott Hoffman on July 31, 2009

In order to take advantage of Social Media Marketing you need to think about it like plant a garden.

In its most simple of terms Social Media is one really big conversation. People are talking about every single topic under the sun. Every single person that participates in the conversation influences the others. In the physical world, there are natural boundaries to these conversations, geography, size of the table, etc. In the digital world these limitations are largely not applicable; the barriers to participate in these ongoing conversations are very low. Anyone with an interest can participate by simply reading, listening, or watching the related posts, blogs, comments etc. Individual opinions are easily expressed by adding something to the dialog, from writing a blog entry or posting a video, to simply rating a post or commenting on a blog.

Find the right Soil, the Super Influencers:

Not all the influencers are created equal, some people are more active in the conversation than others, exposing their opinions more frequently with greater velocity, these are the super influencers. Without the limitations of the physical world, these Super Influencers have the ability to sway opinion across large swaths of the digital population. These people are defined by the sheer quantity of content they produce; ratings, uploaded photos, videos, blog post, comments, etc.

Pick good gardening equipment, Harness the Power through technology:

Here in lies the true beauty of Social Media marketing, a smart marketer can easily and efficiently add their own perspective to the conversation. By using smart technology to deliver a message to those people who are influencing the dialog, a marketer can participate in the conversation.

Planting the Seeds, deliver the message:

By injecting the marketing messages into the dialog and by targeting the right people (those that contribute the most content to the conversation) a smart marketer can effectively magnify their own influence over the conversation. For example if a coffee house is introducing a new organic blend to their product offering, they may want to offer information about the blend, where it was grown, what went into the growing process, any special packaging, etc to the influencers of the conversation.

Encourage Growth, feed and water regularly:

The biggest mistake many social marketing plans make right now is that they are bound by a time. A garden doesn’t instantly spring up in real life, and neither does a Social Media Marketing plan. It take time for the program to develop and grow. Unlike more traditional forms of media were you launch the campaign and then forget about it, a Social Media campaign needs to be tended to.

It can be that easy. Pick the right soil by finding the influencers, deliver targeted messages that plant the seed, and continue to tend to your campaign. You will watch your social marketing efforts blossom!

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