Social Media continues to grow: usage stats from the UK

by Scott Hoffman on July 20, 2009

The social media revolution continues to show signs of unparalleled growth. In a release issued this morning ComScore placed 80% of the online U.K. population visiting at least one social media site per month, and the average monthly usage at 4.6 hours. The biggest growth in these usage stats have come from the time spent in social media sites per month. The usage skews towards younger people, but overall the growth is still staggering. See the chart below:

UK Social Media Usage

Comscore also ranked the top 10 social media sites in the UK, and their relative annual growth or decline. Most notable was Twitter, with a 3,226% growth over the last year. The full chart is below:

UK Social Media Growth by Site

It is also important to note that these social media usage stats didn’t include activity from mobile phones, which recent studies indicate as a significant source of social media traffic and usage.

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